National Parks

Death Valley National Park

Natural and human fortitude have both left their imprint on Death Valley National Park in California and Nevada, USA. For thousands of years, indigenous people have survived in this area despite its harsh climate. In the 19th century, when European explorers first arrived, the region’s extreme climate became widely known.

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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park was formed in 1994, and its fascinating past is worth discovering. Park history begins with indigenous communities like the Cahuilla, who came to California and revered the Joshua tree and learned to thrive in the dry climate.

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Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park, located in northern California, boasts a unique history deeply tied to volcanic activity and the conservation movement. The park is home to Lassen Peak, the southernmost volcano in the Cascade Range.

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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park has been a popular tourist destination since its establishment in 1890, and with good reason. The park’s enthralling story takes place within the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, among the towering granite cliffs, gushing waterfalls, and verdant meadows.

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