Bisbee Massacre

William E. Delaney, at 27 years old, was one of five robbers who struck in the Arizona mining town of Bisbee on December 8. Four innocent citizens of the community were killed throughout the course of this crime. The next six weeks saw the capture, trial, and execution of all five robbers; Delaney was the

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Jodi Arias Murder Trial (2008)

The 2008 murder trial of Jodi Arias centered on the death of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The body of Alexander was discovered at his Arizona home, and at first, Arias claimed he had nothing to do with the murder.

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Trunk Murders

Arizona’s “Trunk Murders” case from the 1930s is a notable episode in the state’s criminal history. All eyes are on Winnie Ruth Judd, the young woman who became known as the “Trunk Murderess.”

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