Unmasking the Enigma of D.B. Cooper in Three Books: A Skybound Adventure

I’ve always been fascinated by stories of secret societies and dangerous missions because they appeal to my inner explorer. And if there’s one historical mystery that’s had historians and adventurers guessing for decades, it’s D.B. Cooper’s narrative. Since I’ll soon be visiting the Pacific Northwest, where this mythical episode took place, I found myself thinking about it again. I’ve been reading “Escape at 10,000 Feet” by Tom Sullivan, “Skyjacked: The Hunt for DB Cooper” by Geoffrey Gray, and “The Last Master Outlaw” by Thomas J. Colbert in preparation for my trip, and they’ve all been riveting reads that promise to shed light on this intriguing historical event. In this article, I will explain to you why the story of D.B. Cooper is so interesting and why you should read about it.

The story of D.B. Cooper has all the makings of a great mystery: a daring skyjacking, a mysterious protagonist, a daring escape, and a trail that mysteriously disappears. In Portland, Oregon, on November 24th, 1971, a man using the identity Dan Cooper checked in for a flight on Northwest Orient Airlines. He casually handed a message to a flight attendant that described a bomb and asked for a large ransom in exchange for the passengers’ safety. After the ransom was paid, Cooper gave orders for the plane to be flown to an altitude of 10,000 feet with the back stairs lowered, and then he bravely parachuted into the Pacific Northwest wilderness, never to be seen again.

Tom Sullivan’s “Escape at 10,000 Feet”

This book is a gripping first-person account of the hijacking told from the perspective of a flight attendant on board the doomed flight. A picture of the tense environment and strong emotions among the passengers and crew is painted by Sullivan’s vivid recollections and comprehensive descriptions. His first-hand account, supplemented by extensive research, gives readers a unique perspective on the hijacking and its aftermath. Sullivan’s writing approach immerses the reader in the drama, as if they are actually in the cabin, waiting with bated breath for Cooper to make his daring escape.

Geoffrey Gray “Skyjacked”

This book is an exploration of the decades-long hunt for DB Cooper that goes beyond the actual hijacking. Gray’s thorough investigation reveals numerous intriguing leads, ideas, and suspects, and the resulting plot reads like a riveting detective story. Gray’s commitment to solving the case is evident as he investigates every possible lead and puts them in historical and contextual perspective. Gray provides a thorough description of the dogged drive to expose the guy behind the alias with a journalist’s eye for detail and a storyteller’s skill for generating suspense.

Thomas J. Colbert “The Last Master Outlaw”

Numerous hypotheses and opinions have been put forth in the quest for Cooper, but one man’s persistent efforts have stood out in recent years. The author of *The Last Master Outlaw,* Thomas J. Colbert, has spent substantial time researching the event. Colbert’s book provides a thorough synopsis of the inquiry and includes his compelling theory on Cooper’s true identity. Colbert provides a reasonable and intriguing argument that questions accepted wisdom by drawing on a wide range of sources and consulting an array of specialists. His dedication to solving the riddle shines through in every chapter, making his book must reading.


These three books have helped me better appreciate the historical significance of the D.B. Cooper case as I prepare to visit the wild landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, where the picture of Cooper’s parachute descent remains iconic. This mysterious and exciting adventure provides a rare glimpse into the past while highlighting the boundless ambition of humans and the limitations of their ability to uncover the truth.

If you’re a history buff like myself, reading into the D.B. Cooper saga is like being transported back in time to an era where adventure and intrigue were the norm. The story of the hijacking, the inquiry, and the ongoing mystery of Cooper’s true identity has fascinated and intrigued people for decades. The life of D.B. Cooper is a fascinating voyage through time that is well worth investigating through the pages of these enthralling volumes, whether you’re interested in the excitement of high-stakes heists, the complexity of detective work, or the appeal of unsolved mysteries.

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