Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The North Dakota, USA park named after Theodore Roosevelt was inspired by the then-president’s love of the great outdoors. Theodore Roosevelt’s excursions to the harsh Badlands in the late 19th century sparked his interest in conservation and led to further efforts to preserve the area.

The park, which was established in 1947 as a tribute to the president who championed environmental protection, protects the distinctive Badlands landscape, as well as its plentiful wildlife and rich cultural history, throughout both the smaller North Unit and the larger South Unit. The park’s history demonstrates dedication to protecting the natural environment that provided Roosevelt with serenity and inspiration throughout his youth.

Grazing is controlled, invasive species are eradicated, and research is funded in an effort to preserve the park’s ecosystem. Theodore Roosevelt National Park has been a haven for ecotourists and anyone looking to channel the spirit of one of America’s most celebrated conservationists for decades. The park has a rich history and is the living embodiment of Roosevelt’s conservation legacy.

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