Battle of Ia Drang Valley

Battle of Ia Drang Valley Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email In 1965, the United States and North Vietnamese forces fought a critical battle in the Vietnam War known as the Battle of Ia Drang Valley. It was the first significant battle between the two antagonistic groups. The combat, which took place in the Central Highlands of […]

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Battle of Dien Bien Phu

In March and May of 1954, in what is now northwest Vietnam, the decisive Battle of Dien Bien Phu took place. The French were trying to establish a foothold in the region when the Viet Minh, led by General Vo Nguyen Giap, laid siege to their positions. With the help of the rough terrain, the Viet Minh successfully deployed guerrilla tactics and surrounded the French force, marking a crucial shift in modern warfare.

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Vietnam War

Vietnam War The Vietnam War, spanning from the mid-20th century, is a complex and transformative chapter in modern history. Fueled by Cold War tensions, the conflict emerged as a struggle for Vietnamese independence and reunification. The war saw the United States supporting South Vietnam against the communist forces of North Vietnam and their allies. The

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Thanh Hóa Bridge

Thanh Hóa Bridge One of the most recognizable images of the Vietnam War, the Thanh Hóa Bridge (or Dragon’s Jaw Bridge) would be a fascinating book topic. This important bridge in North Vietnam became famous after withstanding intense U.S. bombardment during Operation Rolling Thunder in the years 1965-1967. An intriguing tale of mechanical progress, human

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