Navigating the Panama Canal’s Past: A Review of Three Definitive Books

The history of the Panama Canal is among the finest in terms of engineering marvels and the triumph of the human spirit. This amazing river, which crosses the Isthmus of Panama and joins the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, has long stood as a metaphor for pioneering spirit, determination, and forward progress. We can travel back in time to an era when nations fought against nature, time, and each other to build a connection that would alter the course of history by learning about the construction of the Panama Canal.

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Operation Just Cause

United States’ Operation Just Cause, which took place in December 1989, was a major military action. Its main goal was to get rid of Panamanian dictator General Manuel Noriega and bring back democracy government in Panama. The operation showed that military action can be used to protect American interests and support democracy in the region. It was a major turning point in U.S. foreign policy.

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Building the Panama Canal

Regarding engineering and facilitating international trade, the Panama Canal is unparalleled. Initiated in the 1880s under French direction, construction was delayed by plague and economic hardship. In 1904 the United States seized control and, although facing similar challenges, finished the canal by 1914.

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