Cleveland Torso Murders

The Torso Murders, also known as the Cleveland Torso Murders or the Kingsbury Run Murders, were a series of gruesome and unsolved killings that terrorized Cleveland, Ohio, during the 1930s. The murders primarily targeted vagrants and marginalized individuals, making the investigation particularly challenging.

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Underground Railroad to Freedom

The Underground Railroad exemplifies the resilience of the human spirit in the face of injustice. In the 19th century, this underground system provided crucial support for African Americans fighting to escape slavery. Slaves on the run were helped by a web of sympathizers and hiding places to make their way to the northern states and Canada.

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Wright Brothers National Memorial

Wright Brothers National Memorial Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina is home to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, which honors Orville and Wilbur Wright for making history by completing the first controlled, powered flight. The Wright Brothers Memorial is located near the site of their first successful flight on December 17, 1903.  Two clever bicycle mechanics

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