Seattle Seafood


Seattle, Washington, is famous for its seafood and its marine history. The city’s closeness to the Pacific Ocean and several canals has shaped its culinary identity since it was settled by indigenous tribes. Seafood has played an important role in shaping Seattle’s history and identity, from the Native American practice of salmon canning through the city’s booming fishing industry in the 19th century.

This historic fish market first opened in 1907 and has become a Seattle landmark ever since. The “flying fish” tosses performed by its fishmongers are emblematic of the joyous nature of the city’s seafood tradition. From luscious Dungeness crab to Pacific Northwest oysters, Seattle’s cuisine provides a wide variety of seafood delicacies.

The creative ways in which seafood is used in the city’s various cuisines are another reflection of the city’s cultural melting pot. Dishes like cedar-planked salmon and smoked salmon feature salmon, a regional icon. The intersection of geography, tradition, and invention in Seattle’s seafood history has resulted in a rich culinary tapestry.

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