Rugged and Beautiful Baja


Baja California, the elongated peninsula stretching alongside Mexico’s western coast, has a history rich with cultural and geographical significance. The region was inhabited by indigenous peoples long before Spanish colonization, with the Kumeyaay and Cochimí being prominent groups.

In 1533, explorer Hernán Cortés set his sights on Baja, establishing the first Spanish settlement in present-day La Paz. The peninsula, however, remained sparsely settled due to its arid climate and isolation.

In the 19th century, Baja experienced political shifts, switching between Mexican and Californian control during the Mexican-American War. The construction of the Transpeninsular Highway in the mid-20th century brought improved connectivity and tourism.

Baja’s natural beauty and vibrant culture have made it a sought-after destination, with locations like Tijuana, Ensenada, and Los Cabos attracting visitors worldwide. The region’s history, blending indigenous heritage, Spanish influence, and modern development, contributes to its diverse and fascinating identity.

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