Operation Jawbreaker


Operation Jawbreaker was an important early step in the military reaction of the United States to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It was started after 9/11, and its goal was to stop and destroy Al-Qaeda’s activities in Afghanistan. The action was the start of a bigger U.S. campaign in Afghanistan, which became known as the “War on Terror” in the years that followed.

Operation Jawbreaker was led by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It included a small group of CIA agents, U.S. Special Forces, and Afghan allies. Their main goals were to work with Afghan groups that were against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, gather information, and go after Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders.

One of the most important things that Operation Jawbreaker did was work with the Afghan Northern Alliance, which was a key part of toppling the Taliban government. This action set the stage for the larger, longer-lasting U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan.

Operation Jawbreaker’s success was a big early win in the fight against terrorism, but in the years that followed, the war would become more complicated and last longer.

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