Million Dollar Highway


The Million Dollar Highway is a famous scenic byway in the United States, and the history of the area is as fascinating as the wild scenery it passes through. This section of Colorado’s US Route 550 was originally built in the late 19th century as a supply road for the state’s mining industry. The difficult topography was a major factor in the project’s high price tag.

The road first opened to connect mining towns like Silverton and Ouray, and it quickly became famous for its beautiful but dangerous route across the San Juan Mountains. Adventurous tourists love it because of the twists and bends, the steep cliffs, and the stunning views.

The tenacity of those who carved a path through the mountains to construct the Million Dollar Highway in service of mining efforts is reflected in the road’s legacy. Now, visitors seeking amazement on their journey through Colorado’s past and current natural beauty flock to it for its fame as a historic site and for the breathtaking views along its winding course.

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