Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, straddling the border between North Carolina and Tennessee, holds a rich history deeply connected to both the environment and cultural heritage. Established in 1934, it stands as one of America’s first national parks created with the cooperation of federal and state governments.

The park’s history is tied to the resilient people who once called these mountains home. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, families settled in the region, shaping the landscape through farming and logging. As the movement for conservation gained momentum, the park’s creation displaced many residents, yet efforts were made to preserve the cultural heritage of their communities.

The park’s name originates from the lingering mist that often enshrouds the mountains, an ethereal touch to its history. Today, visitors can explore the diverse ecosystems, hike historic trails, and appreciate the ongoing efforts to balance conservation with the stories of those who once lived within its boundaries.

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