Gateway Arch National Park


St. Louis, Missouri is home to the Gateway Arch, a towering emblem of American growth and progress on the banks of the Mississippi River. As part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial honoring the westward expansion of the United States, construction on this Eero Saarinen-designed structure began in 1963.

The arch, which was finished in 1965, is 630 feet tall, making it the tallest man-made structure in the United States. Sleek and modern, it embodies the spirit of the mid-20th century while also paying homage to the area’s historic significance as the departure point for the Lewis and Clark expedition in the early 1800s.

St. Louis’s Gateway Arch stands as a testament to the pioneering spirit that fueled American expansion. Learn about the hardships pioneers encountered during the age of exploration and western expansion at the museum and visitor center located on the premises.

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