Gangs of New York

A fascinating and turbulent period in the annals of American organized crime is that of the Gangs of New York Mob, often known as the Five Points Gang. During the late 19th and early 20th century, when New York City was teeming with immigrants and riddled with poverty and crime, the gang operated in the notorious Five Points neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.

Extortion, racketeering, illicit gambling, and prostitution were just a few of the crimes associated with the Five Points Gang. Many various immigrant groups were represented, while Irish and Italians were the most numerous.

Al Capone, who would eventually become one of the most infamous mob leaders in American history, took over the organization after its iconic leader, Johnny Torrio, passed away.

Reading about the underbelly of Gilded Age New York City in a book about the Gangs of New York Mob is an exciting and engrossing experience. Learn about the origins of the Five Points Gang and its different leaders, as well as their cruel and violent techniques in establishing and maintaining control over their criminal empire.

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