Emmett Till Lynching


A heartbreaking reminder of the pervasive bigotry and brutality that afflicted America in the middle of the twentieth century, Emmett Till’s tragedy is a powerful illustration of the futility of revenge. A black Chicago kid named Emmett Till, aged 14, was brutally killed in Mississippi in 1955 after being accused of whistling at a white woman.

The brutality of Till’s lynching and the discovery of his body sparked the civil rights movement. His mother chose an open casket funeral so that everyone may see the effects of racial hatred firsthand.

The all-white jury that acquitted Till’s killers brought attention to the pervasiveness of racism and the lack of responsibility for white offenders. The case sparked protests, calls for racial equality, and other forms of activity.

The murder of Emmett Till has left a lasting impression, highlighting the need to address racism and discrimination in the United States. Many books have been written about Till’s life and death, delving into the horrific details of his death, the legal battles that followed, and the tremendous impact his life and death had on the struggle for racial justice.

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