Exploring Ruby Ridge: A Glimpse into a Tragic and Controversial Chapter in American History

What happened in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, that summer of 1992 will forever be remembered as a watershed moment in American history. An intriguing story of government overreach, human liberty, and a severely divided nation, the terrible standoff between the Weaver family and federal law enforcement agents is a must-read. One must go into the numerous […]

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Ruby Ridge

August 1992, in a remote part of northern Idaho, the Ruby Ridge incident took place. It is still one of the most contentious and closely examined incidents in recent American history. At first, it was a conflict between the federal law enforcement agencies and the white nationalist and strongly anti-government Weaver family.

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Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln

President Abraham Lincoln’s death on April 14, 1865, is still seen as one of the most important and sad events in American history. Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C., by John Wilkes Booth, a supporter of the Confederacy. Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. The president was killed the next day, becoming the first U.S. president to be killed in office.

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Kuykendall Massacre

There was a terrible massacre in the American Southwest in 1846 known as the Santa Fe Trail Murders or the Kuykendall Massacre. A group of settlers and merchants, led by Captain Philip St. George Cooke, were making their way from Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico along the Santa Fe Trail in June of that year.

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Trunk Murders

Arizona’s “Trunk Murders” case from the 1930s is a notable episode in the state’s criminal history. All eyes are on Winnie Ruth Judd, the young woman who became known as the “Trunk Murderess.”

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Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers are a famous police force with a long past that goes back to the early days of Texas. In the 1830s, during the turbulent Texas Revolution, they were first made. At first, they were a loosely organized group of average citizens who fought to protect Texan towns from attacks by Native Americans and Mexican forces.

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Natalee Holloway Disappearance

The public’s attention is still riveted on the tragic and unsolved murder of Natalee Holloway. American high school senior Natalee Holloway, age 18, vanished on her graduation trip to Aruba on May 30th, 2005. She was last spotted leaving a club with Dutch adolescent Joran van der Sloot, as well as Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, brothers.

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A Deep Dive into the White City Devil: Three Must-Read Books on H.H. Holmes’ Murder Hotel

Travel back in time to the late 19th century, when the magnificent World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 was held in the busy metropolis of Chicago. There was a shadowy figure among the White City’s splendor and progress. H.H. Holmes, whose real name was Herman Holmes Mudgett, built a hotel of horrors known as the “Murder Hotel.” This blog will delve into the murky past of H.H. Holmes and analyze three compelling novels that examine this chilling period in American history.

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Zodiac Killer

One of the most mysterious and notorious serial killers in U.S. history is known only as “Zodiac.” In the late 1960s, the spree of terror started in Northern California. The killer, who has never been caught, sent cryptic letters full of ciphers and threats to the police and the media. His victims were typically young couples who were brutally slain in isolated regions, and he left unsettling symbols, such as a crosshair symbol, at the scenes.

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