Bulldozer “Killdozer” Rampage


The “Killdozer” incident involving Marvin John Heemeyer and his bulldozer took place near Granby, Colorado in 2004. A long-held grievance against town officials over a zoning issue provided the fuel for Heemeyer’s painstaking preparation of a bulldozer with many layers of steel armor before he set it loose on the town.

Heemeyer spent several hours going from building to building, destroying anything he could find that belonged to the people he felt had wronged him. This included the town hall, a hardware store, and several other establishments. The bulldozer’s rampage ended when it became stuck in the basement of one of the buildings it had been attacking.

The episode captured the attention of the media and the public since it was an unusual example of someone employing heavy machinery as a destructive weapon. Discussions regarding the limits of personal grievances and the potential consequences of unbridled fury were sparked by the “Killdozer” event. It highlighted the vulnerability of rural areas and the difficulties law enforcement agencies face when confronting novel dangers.

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