Brazilian “Churrasco” BBQ


Brazilian barbecue, known as “Churrasco,” has a rich history deeply rooted in the country’s culture and traditions. Its origins date back to the early days of European colonization when Portuguese settlers introduced livestock, particularly cattle, to Brazil. Over time, the indigenous people and African slaves contributed their culinary techniques and flavors to create the unique Brazilian barbecue style we know today.

Churrasco is characterized by the use of various cuts of meat, primarily beef, but also pork, chicken, and lamb, often seasoned with a simple blend of salt and sometimes garlic. These meats are skewered on long metal or wooden rods and slow-cooked over open flames, typically charcoal or wood. The slow roasting process, combined with the seasoning and the smoky flavors from the fire, imparts a distinctive taste to the meat.

One of the most famous Brazilian barbecue traditions is the “rodízio,” a method where servers move from table to table with different cuts of meat, offering diners a variety of choices. This style of dining has become popular in Brazilian steakhouses, known as “churrascarias,” not only in Brazil but also internationally, making Brazilian barbecue a celebrated culinary experience worldwide.

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