Berlin Airlift (1948 – 1949)


In response to the Soviet Union’s siege of West Berlin, the spectacular Berlin Airlift occurred in 1948 and 1949. After WWII, the Allies partitioned Berlin, with the western half being under the control of the Western Allies. The Soviets attempted to win control by cutting off supplies to West Berlin by blocking off land routes into the city.

The Western Allies, commanded by the United States, responded by launching the Berlin Airlift. Cargo planes defied the embargo for almost an entire year, bringing food, fuel, and other necessities to West Berlin residents. By carrying it out, the Allies demonstrated their dedication to defending democracies and countering Soviet encroachment. In May 1949, the blockade was officially lifted, marking a major propaganda win for the West during the early phases of the Cold War.

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