Battle of Bear Paw

The Nez Perce tribe’s involvement in the Battle of Bear Paw is a pivotal moment in the history of U.S.-Native American relations. The Nez Perce War, which broke out when the United States tried to relocate the tribe onto a reservation, was finally resolved during this battle in September 1877.

The story of the Battle of Bear Paw is an intriguing one, full of defiance, tragedy, and cultural collision. In order to reach safety in Canada, the Nez Perce, commanded by Chief Joseph, undertook a spectacular 1,170 mile trek. This was a desperate last stand by the Nez Perce, who were outnumbered and exhausted.

Reading a book about the Battle of Bear Paw is a great way to learn more about what led up to the fight, the tactics used by both sides, and the results of the combat. It looks into the lives of the Nez Perce and their struggle to maintain their culture and their traditional grounds.  The greater backdrop of indigenous relocation, broken treaties, and the complications of colonial growth in the late 19th century can also be illuminated by reading this book.

The sad events that followed the Battle of Bear Paw also cause readers to ponder such topics as perseverance, cultural preservation, and the futility of war. Issues of fairness, human rights, and the effect of government actions on native populations are all called into question.

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